How to Maintain a Healthy Gut All Summer Long

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How to Maintain a Healthy Gut All Summer Long

Summertime is moving our direction which, for many of us, means fun in the sun and some well-deserved relaxation time. Before breaking out your beach towels or embarking upon your next great adventure, don’t forget to have a plan to keep helpful habits that can amplify your gut health. With temperatures and exhaustion on the rise, your gut health can take a serious beating. At Hinsdale Gastroenterology Associates, our GI specialists aim to bring you the treatment and knowledge you need to enjoy a healthy digestive system. Reapply your sunscreen and turn the proverbial page as our Hinsdale, IL team walks you through the basics on how to protect your gut health over the summer.

What is it about summer that is hard on gut health?

The summer months are known to be brutal on gut wellness, causing a healthy gut to struggle and making any existing gastrointestinal problems worse. Some of the main factors that can lead to poor gut health and concerning gastrointestinal symptoms, like constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea, include:

  • Dehydration: Higher temperatures translate to your body consuming fluids to remain cool at a faster rate, and you may not be keeping up with replenishing used fluids.
  • Inconsistent eating habits: In the event that you are traveling or indulging in summer treats, it can be difficult to plan ahead for a healthy meal.
  • Exhaustion: Your summer past-times may leave you with a shortage of energy, which in turn, impacts your digestive health.

If you have a pre-existing gastrointestinal condition, the choice to watch your summertime strategically can be the difference between summer months of healthy relaxation and a summer spent in complete discomfort. To find additional information regarding ways to remain in control of your specific gastrointestinal condition, get in touch with any one of our experienced gastrointestinal doctors in Hinsdale, IL.

How do I maintain digestive health during the summer?

With some thoughtful planning, you can be sure of a healthy gut during the summer months. Soak up your relaxing pool days comfortable knowing that you are actively taking steps to make certain your gut is also at ease. Here's a partial list of the primary ways you can keep up your summer health include:

  • Drink water: Remain hydrated, especially if you’re out in the sun and sweating. Dehydration can cause constipation, among additional concerning digestive problems.
  • Eat fiber-rich foods: Eat some dark green veggies and get a few scrumptious summer fruits to your diet to supplement your fiber consumption, which boosts digestion.
  • Give probiotics a try: Your digestive system maintains a distinct level of helpful bacteria. One of the ways you can supercharge your digestive wellness is by supporting those good bacteria with probiotic foods and supplements.
  • Plan healthy meals: Those summer foods like barbeque, soda, and ice cream can be great in small amounts, but it is important to plan for healthy dinners to avoid forcing your gut into overdrive.
  • Get a good amount of exercise: Stay aware of any extreme heat or humidity warnings, but a casual jog around your neighborhood before the sun is high is a great way to ensure your gut stays active.

When should I see a doctor about digestive health?

If you have to deal with any of the following symptoms consistently during your summertime celebrations, definitely seek a Hinsdale Gastroenterology Associates specialist to help identify the root at your earliest convenience:

  • Pain in your abdominal area
  • Persistent diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Chronic heartburn

If you suffer from blood in your stool, you should seek a GI specialist in Hinsdale, IL right away.

Sustain a healthy summertime digestive system

The summer months can force your digestive system to labor harder to make sure your body stays healthy and in gear. Take good care of your gut throughout the summertime, and make sure to maintain healthy habits that will make sure you don't have to waste a second feeling under the weather. Should you require help or support managing a GI condition during the summer months, don’t delay in contacting our office to consult with a gastrointestinal specialist in Hinsdale, IL. Our physician-led network of gastrointestinal physicians is devoted to providing patient-centric service to individuals just like you. Contact Hinsdale Gastroenterology Associates as soon as possible to learn more.